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Dream Bubbles at Your Fingertips

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“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ― Claude Monet

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Wedding season’s coming up, might as well be the most beautiful…

Here are the creations of Chotronette whose dresses are more beautiful the ones than the others : Purchase here

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Miss Kenya sublimated in an incredible natural setting by Kristina Makeeva

The famous Moscow photographer Kristina Makeeva fulfilled her wish to visit the enchanting country of Kenya, and she was definitely won over by the picturesque nature and wild animals.This photo session is the result of her encounter with the ebony beauty “Miss Kenya” @missmichuki in this natural setting.

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Enchanteress Steampunk Doll

OOAK Art Doll La flûte magique Mrs.PapagenA steampunk


Wonderful Embroidery on a wedding gown from the Bunka Gakuen Museum, 1890’s.


The Scene of The Tale of The Beauty and The Beast Magnificently Recreated

The artistic director of Chervona Vorona Photography used papier-mâché and foam to make the beast.The young beauty, Angelina Prima, wore an old wedding dress modified for the occasion and made beautiful by Kristina Pikul (MUA) Olya Ipatko (hairstyle) and Julia Veklich.


Was the parade armour a token of authority?

Gala armour of the Italian general Alessandro Farnese, Duke of Parma and Piacenza (1545-1592), workshop of the armoraro Lucio Piccinino, Italy, 16th century, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum