Magical Disney Tangled Inspired by LeNovelle Cake

a wedding cake made by LeNovelle Cake, a family-run bakery in Jakarta, Indonesia who specialize in epic wedding cakes


Was the parade armour a token of authority?

Gala armour of the Italian general Alessandro Farnese, Duke of Parma and Piacenza (1545-1592), workshop of the armoraro Lucio Piccinino, Italy, 16th century, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

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Incredible Gold Coins Engraved by Russian Artist

Two of the famous creations of the Russian artist Roman Booten, in front of the success of his creations (up to 10000 € at the auction) decided to sell some stunning replicas of his pieces. The artist is a master in the art of Hobo Nickel, a term used to describe the 18th century sculptural… Continue reading Incredible Gold Coins Engraved by Russian Artist


Incredible Intricate Paper Art

This Japanese Artist Hina Aoyama realizes paper lace of exceptional finesse. What makes her art so special is that contrary to usage, she does not use a cutter, but a simple pair of scissors.  


Perfect Match between Art and Fashion

Benjamin Shine for Maison Margiela

Haute Couture Paris 2017